My areas of focus include helping people with adjusting to a new phase of life or life change including retirement, bereavement, divorce, new job, new home, etc. Adjusting to change can be difficult for some and some adjustments are more difficult to manage. Change can be linked to anxiety, depression, grief, problems with confidence and many other thoughts and feelings.

I  work with clients who have trauma, often using ‘Seeking Safety’ when indicated.  I also work with helping people improve their confidence and self worth, decrease feelings of depression, conquer or at least reduce feelings of anxiety. Depression and anxiety often occur together and can appear very differently from person to person.

Additionally, I have many years of experience working with clients who have addiction issues and helping people into recovery and also helping people who are struggling with early recovery. Addiction simply means doing or using something in excess despite having negative consequences from doing it like relationship issues, guilt, neglect of self, etc.

In more recent years, I have trained in DBT therapy and used this to work with clients with personality disorders including borderline, histrionic, narcissistic and anti-social personality disorders. These DBT Skills are effective with other populations also including recovery from addiction, depression, adult ADD/ADHD and more.

Many skills include mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises and more than can help improve focus, reduce anxiety, etc

I tailor services to meet the needs of my clients. This includes the use of homework, exercises, what we focus on and how therapy sessions are structured. I do start with a initial session where we can get to know each other and what treatment will focus on. Treatment planning is done together including what we work on and the order in which we address those issues. I will suggest other resources, therapists, etc when beneficial to you.

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