Online Therapy / E-Therapy (Telehealth)

Online Therapy / E-Therapy (Telehealth)

Some clients benefit from online therapy services. Online therapy can take place over the phone, via text/chat, email and video conferencing. I have a HIPAA compliant platform that I use for online therapy with clients who are in need of online therapy.

Online therapy is effective for clients who travel frequently and can not come into the office on a regular basis.

E-Therapy can be used for therapy and support (phone coaching) in between scheduled sessions when agreed upon by the therapist and client in advance. This can be useful for helping clients integrate skills they are learning in sessions or group and helping to incorporate them into their lives in real time.

Clients who have medical problems that cause mobility issues or transportation issues and would struggle to receive therapy outside of their homes can also benefit greatly from being able to see a therapist online.

Online therapy can be used as the primary or sole form of therapy or in conjuncture with face to face sessions.

There are some conversations that will need to be addressed initially between therapist and client especially if the client resides outside of the state that the therapist is licensed in. The therapist will also need to be aware of resources available in the clients local area.

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