Trauma Tip Sheet – EMDR Can Help

Trauma Tip Sheet – EMDR Can Help

Trauma Tip Sheet - EMDR Can help
heal the brain from trauma

Trauma can impact the brain and EMDR can help the brain to heal.

The fact that 70% of adults have experienced a traumatic event and 90% of people with mental health issues have experienced trauma show not only the prevalence of trauma but also how much trauma can impact us. Learn more about how trauma impacts the brain by clicking here. EMDR can help the brain heal from trauma. You can also learn more by visiting EMDRIA.ORG


Trauma is when a person has an event that is distressing and overwhelming. The event can cause shock and even denial immediately afterward. Eventually, this trauma may result in flashbacks. Also nightmares, often feeling very ‘alert’ or hypervigilant, intrusive thoughts or images related to the trauma. Feeling overly emotional or anxious or feeling emotionally numb and avoidant.

How the past can show up in the present

Trauma in the past can influence our behavior today, even in ways we may not notice. Our trauma can cause or align with a belief we have about ourselves, further deepening that belief. For instance, a boy was given a lot of responsibility as a child. But he was put down or punished if he did not complete his responsibilities. His belief may be “I am responsible”. When an accident happens at work, even though it was not his fault, it resulted in a co-worker being badly hurt. The belief of ‘I am responsible’ can be activated. This may lead to this man feeling guilty, maybe being more controlling at work.

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